Taxi Test


To obtain a taxi licence, most Local Councils will require you to pass the Taxi Test . The test will require you to drive to a high, professional standard.

As recommended by the local councils, the best way to prepare for the taxi driving test is to take a course of professional driving lessons with a Approved Driving Instructor.

Drive Smart offers this service and provides you with tailored driving lessons covering all aspects of the taxi test, offering in depth knowledge of what the driving examiners are looking for as well as a wealth of experience in advanced driving techniques.

The number of driving lessons you will need will mainly depend on your current driving standard. After undergoing an assessment drive, you will be given instruction to fix bad habits, improve your knowledge of road procedure, and then taken through the taxi test syllabus to reach test standard.

Licensing regulations for taxi drivers differ from one local authority to another. To learn about the exact licensing arrangements in the area you wish to operate as a taxi driver you should contact the relevant local authority.

Peterborough city council

Cambridge county council


Booking Your Taxi Driving Test
There are 3 main ways to do so:

  1. Blue lamp Trust web site page. or call 0333 700 0157, Monday to Friday 09:30 – 15:00
  2. Defensive Driver Training 01384 44 22 33
    Green Penny 0330 111 7230